Reinvent Your Career...

It's Never Been Easier To Sell (Almost) Anything Online. Here's How It's Done.

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"We'll Help You Build A Business Around Your Lifestyle, Not A Lifestyle Around Your Business"

Training 1

You'll learn about the ultimate lifestyle business model, and how you can learn about earning an income by simply being an ambassador for products and services you already love.

You'll learn how you don't need to worry about any aspects of fulfilment, customer support, and why you don't need anything but a laptop and connection to the internet. You'll even see how you can get started by the end of the day.

Training 2

You'll learn how to source and sell your own physical products.

You'll discover how to sell them using powerhouses like and similar, who are going to do all the heavy lifting: the selling, customer support, shipping and fulfilment. 

This is also a business you can start on a surprisingly small amount of capital.  

Training 3

You'll be walked through, step by step, how to go from never having sold a thing online, to not only making your first sale, but also to start and grow a real business from scratch.

And that's just scratching the surface!

Let's Recap The 6 Steps To Sell And Market Anything Online:

Step 1

Choose A Business Model

Chose one of five proven online business models that are best for you given what you know already.

Step 2

Get Your Website Or Offer Ready

These days you need next to no technical knowhow to get a website built. You do however need to have a relevant offer.  At the moment people are buying digital skills, mindset stuff, knowledge, software, technology, website building, consulting, coaching and services. They're all extremely relevant in todays climate.

Step 3

Drive Traffic

Drive traffic (aka send people) to your website, either by running ads or creating organic content.

Step 4

Build Your Audience Or List

Build you list or audience so you can create insights for people which make them think: This is just what I need to solve my problem, improve my life, take me to where I want to go.

Step 5

Follow Up

Follow up with the people on your list by providing value, which is a process you'll automate so your time is freed up. You do have to set it up once, but then you reap the rewards over and over again.

Step 6

Sell Your Stuff

Make relevant offers to people for your products or services. This is where the money happens!

Living A Laptop Lifestyle

We've written the book and we are living a laptop lifestyle! We travel and work in different countries all around the world for up to nine months a year. 

We don't say this to boast, we want to show you we are living proof that anyone can achieve the lifestyle they desire. All that's needed is a good quality laptop and a decent internet connection to run a digital business! 

If that sounds inspiring, go check out what other people say about us on this website.

*Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Here's What Else You Can Expect...

Automated Business System

We use one of the simplest business models available. We work with leading digital marketing experts the Six Figure Mentors who create business tools and training to simplify and automate your business. 

One of the reasons most small businesses fail within 5 years is the lack of a system and a simple business model. And yet over 90% of franchise businesses are successful. 

When you work with us you will harness the strengths of a franchise: established systems and processes and ongoing help and support. But you'll avoid the weaknesses of a franchise: massive investment, doing it their way not yours, finding employees, and buying a "job".

Your Success Matters

We are both ex-corporate professionals and carry that professional attitude into our business. We work with the best in the industry and have high standards, so expect you will too. 

The systems and training we will provide you with are second to none. We get paid by our suppliers to help people like you become successful. 

That means we have a financial interest in your success and can only work with a restricted number of people. 

But let's keep it real: we don't want to waste your time or ours, so let's ensure we're the right fit for each other from the very start.

Zero Experience Needed

Anyone can learn how to run a business on the internet, so you don't need any special skills to start with. 

But through our own experience and having coached over 1000 students, there's a few things us and all other entrepreneurs share. 

We're all willing to take risks, we know it's going to require effort, we know we need to invest in ourselves and our business and we're not looking for a silver bullet. 

If that sounds like you then you could be in for an amazing journey!

We've Coached Over 1,600 Students 1-2-1 Teaching These Exact Same Business Models

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Reinvent Your Career...

It's Never Been Easier To Sell (Almost) Anything Online. Here's How It's Done.

Greg & Fiona Have Been Featured In

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